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Services Operational (19.06.2024)
Open the song on Spotify. Click on the button with the three dots and then on "Share". Copy the song link (not the Spotify URI). This service does not work for playlists/ albums, and podcasts!

Why should you buy 5000 Spotify Plays?

We here at SpotifyStorm provide the best of the Spotify plays’ services to boost your Spotify account and its songs. It will help you reach out to the larger audience and become popular among the music artists. Get affordable packages and get 24/7 customer support from SpotifyStorm.

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Customer Testimonials

SpotifyStorm is the best! I received the best services from them for boosting my account. They helped me find the packages to make my Spotify account more visible and more popular. I got services in increasing Spotify saves and followers on my artist’s account. The best thing is that the team is highly helpful from the very start. They helped me choose the service that will boost my account most and helped me through the entire payment process to deliver the saves and followers. I am thrilled that I chose SpotifyStorm to promote my Spotify account.

I am a new artist and have produced a few songs, and then created an account for artists on Spotify to bring in more people to recognize my work. But beating the competition was becoming quite difficult. There almost no saves and plays on my songs. But after I got the services from SpotifyStorm, I realized how much boosting is helpful for someone new to Spotify. SpotifyStorm helped me find the right marketing markers to expand and then provide me with packages that eventually helped grow my songs’ traffic organically.

SpotifyStorm is bet when it comes to Spotify. As someone who was not aware of how Spotify market and how to boost the account’s traffic, I had no clue how to make my songs go viral. But SpotifyStorm came as a savior and helped me grow my account to get more saves and followers organically. Their packages are affordable, and that came as a relief for someone like me who was not ready to invest a lot. SpotifyStorm also has excellent customer support, as they cleared all my doubts every time I contacted them.

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